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STIH Dharma Andigha Bogor - 17 years

College of Law of Dharma Andhiga

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Chairman : Eko Djatmiko, Dr., SH., M.Kes., MH
Founded 2003


Regular Night College Program (Afternoon / Evening Class)

New Student Admissions are held EVERY SEMESTER
STIH Dharma Andigha Bogor Susebershop Home Photo 1
STIH Dharma Andigha Bogor Susebershop Home Photo 2

New Student Admission

Regular Night College
Even Semester Year 2020/2021
For the entire graduate SMA/SMK, D3/Polytechnic/Academy, D1, D2, S1, etc.; proceed to Bachelor (S1) or moved majors.
Period I = 1 September - 6 December 2020
Period II = 7 December 2020 - 17 January 2021
Period III = 18 January - 21 March 2021

Starting Lecture = Saturday, 27 March 2021
Note : When you have the capacity to meet the immediate registration closed this semester, and next semester of enrollment immediately opened.

New Student Registration Fee = IDR 100.000,-
Registration is open EVERY DAY: Monday to Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Registration can be directly on the campus STIH Dharma Andigha Bogor (PKSM Secretariat) or represented or can be via Post, Phone, Fax, mail, or via Internet or via Online Admission.

Faculty Of Law (FH)Legal Studies (S-1)Accreditation B

Subsidized tuition fee some companies, but it also carried out cross-subsidies, making it affordable communities. To make it more affordable to the public, is also given tuition credit facilities without interest and without collateral so as to afford the monthly installments according to the ability of students.

In accordance with Law-RI No.20 Th.2003 on National Education System (SISDIKNAS) in Section 19 paragraph (2) that "Higher Education organized by the Open Systems". And Law-RI explanation is written: "Education is an open system of education held by flexibility of choice and completion time cross-unit programs and educational pathways (multi entry-multi exit system). Learners can learn by working, or take educational programs .... etc."

Also in accordance with Constitution 1945 that "Every citizen has the right to education". While there are some among the citizens of the community who have limited free time (especially employees). Also some people who have limited funds.

To meet these needs STIH Dharma Andigha Bogor organizes Regular Night College simultaneously implement SOCIAL COMMITMENT. That is, with provide an opportunity for the whole community of graduates SMA, SMK, D1, D2, D3, Polytechnic, S1, etc., both of which have limited free time and limited funds, to continue their education (or moving departments) to Bachelor level (S-1)in majors of interest, a viable and quality appropriate Excellence & Advantages of STIH Dharma Andigha Bogor. . . . . see all

View also   Employee Lecture Program

Table Installment Tuition

The cost of education in PKSM STIH Dharma Andigha Bogor can afford the monthly installments.

In principle College of Law of Dharma Andhiga belongs to the people who always put the quality of higher education.

However, STIH Dharma Andigha Bogor as a leading university and Accredited still has SOCIAL COMMITMENT. Among others, to assist students in paying the cost of education by providing tuition credit facilities without interest, so that the monthly tuition fee can be paid in installments according to the ability of prospective students.
Total first payment (SPP + SPb + money jacket) :

Program S-1 = Rp 550.000
Program D3 ke S-1 = Rp 570.000
SPP = Contribution of Education each semester
SPb = Development Contribution

The next payment can be paid in accordance with students ability . . . . see all

What is Excellence STIH Dharma Andigha Bogor

The whole department / study program there is no state exam (similar to public universities)

b>Reliable in organizing Regular Night College, because has met two absolute requirements related to program implementation, namely :
  1. Implementation in accordance with the norms and rules of academic (in accordance with the legislation).
  2. Implementation in accordance with the demands of the workplace (curriculum, in college, class schedules, faculty, educational system, etc.).

Professors (lecturers) professionals in their field.

Curriculum and teaching-learning process is designed in such a way to use credits system implemented in a professional and appropriate for the employee, so that students remain busy working to complete studies on time.

For students who work on shifts (turnover time), still can keep up with course work. Because the education system implemented in a professional manner with integrate Regular Night College and Regular Program, so that students who work on shifts (turnover time) can follow lectures in other programs with particular mechanism.

Basic competence Graduates Regular Night College on College of Law of Dharma Andhiga is to have the quality and integrity of intellectual; high competitiveness both academically and morally; able to adapt to the changes; realize that science is always advancing and evolving; able to browse and obtain scientific information; know how and can continually learn; in addressing each issue, and was able to uncover the structure of the core problems and set priorities stages of completion.

Graduates are also able to communicate with experts in other areas of expertise and take advantage of their help; able to effectively utilize the resources available; able to start pioneering entrepreneurs forming unit according to the field of science, able to follow new developments in the field of science, and conduct research. . . . . see all

STIH Dharma Andigha Bogor Photo Gallery


STIH Dharma Andigha Bogor Susebershop Photo Gallery 2
STIH Dharma Andigha Bogor Susebershop Photo Gallery 3
STIH Dharma Andigha Bogor Susebershop Photo Gallery 4
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Location Lecture (Google Map) STIH Dharma Andigha Bogor

STIH Dharma Andigha Bogor - College of Law of Dharma Andhiga
⊞ Campus : Jl. KH. Sholeh Iskandar No. 69 Kedung Badak, Tanah Sareal, Kota Bogor 16161
Click here to enlarge map.
Location Lecture (Google Map) College of Law of Dharma Andhiga Susebershop

Improvement Career and Revenue or Got New Job

STIH Dharma Andigha Bogor Susebershop Photo Enhance CareerStudents (college participants) Afternoon/Evening Lecture Program (PKSM) in are people who are working and those who have not worked.

The students are always compact and help each other solve their difficulties. Difficulties both in terms of employment, academic, financial/finance, and other problems. Likewise, the graduates (alumni), have a strong bond to each other to help a fellow alumnus .

For these students are already working, always able to improve the career and income during college. They gain career advancement and increased earnings from fellow students and alumni.

While students who have not worked, will obtaining work from fellow students and alumni, especially colleagues who are already working (as entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, employer / employee, executive, etc.).

Smart Solutions (Main Solution)

STIH Dharma Andigha Bogor Susebershop Photos Get JobSo, for people who HAVE NOT WORK and the relative difficulty in obtaining employment. Then follow PKSM / Afternoon/Evening Lecture Program at is the main solution to get a job. That enhance the experience through their (fellow students) who are already working, and eventually get a job from fellow students and of itself. While increasing the level of formal education.

For people who ALREADY WORK and the relative difficulty in improving career and increase revenue. Then follow PKSM / Afternoon/Evening Lecture Program at is the main solution for enhance the self. hat increasing formal education while enhancing the experience, career, and income. . . . . see all

Education System & Student Status

Education systems are implemented in a professional and appropriate for employees who are busy with work and for those who are not employees.

In addition face to face lectures, also utilizing a variety of effective methods through a focused individual task, the task group communicative, and concludes with guidance workmanship thesis / final project / thesis is directed, programmed and scheduled so that students can complete studies on time.

Graduates and Students PKSM (Regular Night College) and the Regular Program have STATUS, QUALITY, ACADEMIC RIGHTS, DEGREE, and DIPLOMAS THE SAME.

Diplomas and academic transcripts (Transcript) Regular Night College (PKSM) and the Regular Program is the SAME. And on the diploma and transcript, not written whether Graduates PKSM whether Regular Graduates. Because Regular Night College is the Regular Program with class schedules and different lecture participants

S1 Program Graduates Regular Night College College of Law of Dharma Andhiga prepared to become Bachelor (S1) accordance with department / program of study, can develop their identity with the provision of science, technology, and art, so as to solve problems and develop their knowledge. . . . . see all
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